Ahmad Mustafa Anis

Islamabad Pakistan +923145617800 ahmadanis5050@gmail.com

I am Machine learning and Deep learning enthusiastic with main interest in Computer Vision. I love learning new things and writing about the technologies I know. I have good experience in Python, C++, Flask, and Django. I occasionally write blogs related to Machine & Deep Learning

Moocs & Certifications

Python & Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp


Course by Jose-Portilla which taught web development with python, django and JavaScript

December 2018

MTA 98-381 Introduction to Programming using Python


Microsoft technology assosiate Professional Exam for Programming in Python

March 2020

CS50w by Harvard


CS50w Web Development with Python and JavaScript by Harvard which taught Flask, Python, Django

Febuary 2019

Machine Learning


Famous Machine Learning course by Stanford at coursera by Andrew Ng. Learned Various Machine Learning Algorithms, thier implementation and practical usage of them

March 2020

CS230 Deep Learning

Stanford University

CS230 Deep Learning course by Stanford which includes Deep Learning Specilization by Deeplearning.ai as its course work

March 2020


Begginers Learning Path for Machine Learning

Towards Data Science

A Complete Learning Path for Begginers to start their career in Machine Learning

Text To Speech in C++

Analytics Vidhya

A guide on how to implement Text-to-Speech in C++

Getting Started with Tensorflow 2


A complete repository with documentation containing all the work for Getting Started with Tensorflow 2

Getting Started with Tensorflow 2


An article to get started with Tensorflow 2

Start your Machine Learning Career in Quarantine


A guide for people who have extra time in Quarantine to start thier career in Data Science and Machine Learning

A Complete guide to Google Colab for Deep Learning


Complete Guide to set up Google Colab enviorment for Deep Learning

Introduction to Pandas for Deep Learning


Complete Guide to Pandas, a famous data visualization library for Deep Learning

Sigmoid Function With PyTorch

Analytics Vidhya

An article on Sigmoid Function with implementation in PyTorch

Future Plans

Next 5 Years

I have always been fascinated by Reinforcment Learning &Autonomus Vehicles and always wanted to make a career in Reinforcment Learning / Autonomus Vehicles. I plan to learn these technologies in upcoming years and implement them and try to make state of art things using these technologies


International Islamic University Islamabad

Bachelor in Computer Science

GPA: 3.2

August 2018 - August 2022


Programming Languages & Tools

Other Technologies

Important Algorithms


Apart from being a machine learning engineer, I enjoy most of my time being learning new books and doing Moocs.I love reading research papers and reimplementing them. I also write articles some times and learn about new things.

I also love playing basketball.I also love gaming especially startegic games such as Dota 2.

Volunteer & Professional experience